I have always loved trees, and I am fortunate enough now to be living on the edge of deciduous forest filled with beech trees- hence the name! I have always known I was an artist, and that carries through all parts of my life, including, of course, my knitted baby items. I really like cute and classic designs for my baby knits, with an emphasis on quality, as my products are in constant contact with your baby's delicate skin. I spend a lot of time developing each of my designs until I have it just right for you and your baby, and that care continues through the making of each item- I love picturing my items being well used by your baby.

I live in the piedmont of Virginia, living down a dirt track in a cute and (to the odd visitor) wildly eccentric house, nestled into the edge of the woods on the side of a mountain looking down over one of the most picturesque cow pastures ever to be found. 
In my life beyond Beneath the Beech Tree, I love spending time outside, as well as gardening, hiking, and picnics.  I am always eager to learn in any way I can, and think (civil) debates are a marvelous pastime. As a human being and as an artist, I enjoy dancing, many different kinds of art and creating, studying patterns and colors, and spending time with my many animals. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes; I read a variety of styles and genres but am very picky about the quality of the writing, and freely admit that I love and still read good children's books- can you ever really be too old for Oz, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, or Alice?